DIY Greenhouses I found on Hometalk

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DIY Greenhouses on Hometalk.

I have loved gardening since I can’t remember when.
A greenhouse is a great help to all us gardeners and a DIY greenhouse is very doable.
You don’t need to invest  a lot of $$$ to enjoy the benefits.
With the help of Hometalk sharers I created a clipboard of DIY greenhouses.
hometalk curated board of greenhousesI found 18 different greenhouses built from reclaimed or inexpensive materials.
There is a range of sizes and designs.
I have a pricier kit greenhouse and I do love it but the spot it is sitting gets no sun in the winter, at all.
But I still utilize it as best I can.
greenhouse 8I start seeds and cuttings for new plants.
It is always a thrill for me to see new growth and life from a tiny seed or a slip from another plant.
free plants from cuttingsThis summer I wanted to be able to extend my garden season into much later in the year and even try to grow greens and cool weather crops into the winter.
So I came up with this idea.
DIY Easy greenhouseWith this one I can cover it with the clear plastic come cooler temps but in the summer when I want my garden plants to get the full rays of the sun I can just remove the cover.
I can build up raised beds if I feel the need or not.
And I hope that next Spring I can get a jump start on all my veggies!
I will be sure to report back on any progress or failures of this experimental hoop/greenhouse.

Pamela at HometalkFor plenty of garden and other inspiration feel free to follow me on Hometalk.
Until next time..

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  1. I have a bunch of old wood framed windows in storage in another state, when we moved we did not anticipate it taking so long to get everything back here. I am itching to try a greenhouse from windows. I agree, a greenhouse is money well spent!

  2. I gave my collection of old wood framed windows to the Scrap Man and we assembled an inexpensive DIY aluminum framed greenhouse.

    Now I have another collection, this time of aluminum framed storm windows that will not need scraping and painting and reglazing. I need a second greenhouse.

    It’s all fun. I wish that those who long for a greenhouse would take their vacation money and go ahead with a year-round place to play.

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  4. And my hoop house one is getting even prettier, the climbing beans are to the top already and just starting to put on little beans. Woo hoo!

  5. I am hoping that my hoop house one will help me garden further into the year, especially for my cool weather crops. It sits in a good spot for maximum sun so we shall see. Thank you!

  6. I have had a bit of trouble with deer the past couple of years but so far this year they have not been coming around. I have those motion sensor sprinklers that keep them at bay and they have worked for me, they are called Scarecrows. I have not had to use them yet so far this summer but come Fall I am sure I will.

  7. Pam, this is a great collection of inexpensive greenhouse ideas. We keep thinking that we’ll build a greenhouse but we’ve never gotten around to doing it. I think we would utilize it a great deal! Pinning and stumbling! 🙂

  8. This is beautiful but with the deer and rabbits galore, they eat everything I plant.

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