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Best Houseplants for your Skin

Did you know that houseplants are good for your skin? We all have heard of the benefit of indoor plants for the air but now research shows they are also good for our skin.

Best houseplants for your Skin.  The benefits of houseplants just keeps growing.  Science has time and again shown the air cleaning capabilities of indoor plants and the information on the mental health perks keeps growing as well.

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Let’s think about it,  it is only logical, if plants remove harmful chemicals from the air then they would benefit our skin. But there is another aspect we need to consider.

Houseplants can help alleviate the dry indoor air caused by heating systems in winter.

Are some better than others?

Yes, the best plants for helping to add humidity to our indoor air are generally the thirsty ones with higher transpiration rates and more leaf surface area.

In studies done so far the best performing houseplants were Peace Lily and English Ivy.  An 11 inch by 20 inch Peace Lily can release in to the air the equivalent of a small teacup of water a day.

Lets create a list of houseplants that are helpful for the skin

1. English Ivy

English Ivy plant,

English Ivy is not only good indoors but makes for a lovely potted plant outdoors. Easy to propagate and grow they add a trailing element to potted arrangements that just keep on growing.

2.Peace Lily

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Peace Lily are one of my favorites.  This plant is harder to over water, a common culprit of folks failing at growing houseplants. These plants not only love lots of water but they can live in water only.  It’s great to know that they are top of the list for adding humidity to our indoor air as well.

3. Areca Palm

Grows well in homes with bright indoor light. They can be expensive as large plants but if you buy a smaller one  they can grow 6 to 10 inches a  year in the correct conditions. The Areca Palm has one of the highest transpiration rates of any houseplant and are a beautiful way of bringing a tropical vibe to your decor.

4. Spider Plant

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Spider plants are great for hanging and they love humidity, like in bathrooms.  The hanging plantlets are the air scrubbers and they are easy to root.

5. Philodendron

Philodendron houseplants are often confused with pothos plants. While the leaves of these two plants are similar in shape pothos is a much smaller plant and is usually sold in hanging baskets. The leaves of the philodendron are also thicker and tougher than pothos.

6. Pothos

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Pothos are one of the easiest to grow.  They tolerate many adverse conditions and just keep on growing.  Easy to propagate too. Add several of these trailing plants for beautiful air cleaning and now skin benefits too.

7. Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant needs to be brought back into the lime light. For some reason it has been pushed aside for it’s cousin, the now popular but finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig.  Fiddle leaf fig are notorious for being hard to keep looking good so not a good choice for easy indoor gardening. The Rubber Plant has the large, glossy leaves and easy care you really want in your home.  Although many houseplants with a high transpiration rate tend to be “thirsty” and need more watering, the rubber plant is handy in that it only needs a little water and can be left to its own devices in a shady part of your home.

I am sure there are plenty more but this is a great list to get you going.  Any easy to grow houseplant deserves a spot in your home for so many reasons so the more plants the merrier (and healthier).

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Happy Gardening!

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