I’m Dreaming of a White Garden

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I’m Dreaming of a White Garden.

An all white garden can be an elegant thing and adding white to an otherwise colorful space can be an excellent accent or calming influence.

I'm dreaming of a White Garden, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

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White is a perfect foil for the soft pink, lavender, blue and burgundy shades of flowers in a garden.
The garden will glow when the white reflects the pale moonlight on summer evenings.
The best time to plan it all out is now, during the dark days of winter.

I will get my seeds started soon.  Click here for how I start seeds!

So far this is what is on my list…
Have you seen pure white Foxgloves?  They are so elegant and will bloom early on in the season..
Snow Thimble Foxglove

via Bluestone Perennials
via Bluestone Perennials

I love sweet Alyssum and Botanical Interests has one called Tiny Tim that they claim are far superior than Carpet of Snow so I will give it a try.

tiny tim alyssum

I want it to line many of the pathways and be a ground cover under roses.

studio progress and bench, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com (18 of 20)

Won’t it look lovely along this path?  Can’t you smell the sweet perfume as you pass under the Obelisk Arbor (click here to see how to build one for yourself)


I have a lot of Crazy Daisy starts in the greenhouse and they shall find homes in the Secret Garden too.  Park Seeds carries them and such a variety comes from a single packet.


Another gorgeous early bloomer will be this Linen California Poppy.  The regular California poppies I have reseed themselves so readily I have to pull them up like weeds.  I can only hope that these white ones will too.  Once the early bloomers fade there is plenty more to fill in.
I have tons of Feverfew that comes back every year.  It is another one that reseeds itself generously but is easy enough to pull up if it grows in an area you don’t wish it to.  If you don’t want it to reseed then but it back just as blooms fade.  It will re-bloom throughout the summer.

white swan, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

When the poppies, foxgloves and Daisies are about done then in steps White Swan Echinacea.  It is not only a not summer trooper but it has a subtle sweet scent.

Psyche white cosmos
vanilla ice sunflower

Cosmos are another mid summer bloomer…and it will continue on through to Fall with regular dead heading.   Psyche White Cosmos is going to be a new addition to my Secret Garden.
This year I will grow some Sunflowers…and there is a pure white one called Vanilla Ice

white impatiens

I have the perfect spot for it.
But I have a shady area too that needs a spark of white…Summer Snow Impatiens are the ticket for that space.

I think that is a good list of white flowers to add to my garden.


I wish you all Happy Garden planning and may all your seeds sprout!

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  1. I was wondering what book did you use the drawings/pictures from? I wanted to see if I could buu it from Amazon.

  2. Eddie Malley says:

    Like you, Pamela, I am dreaming of Spring and how perfect my garden will be THIS year. (Kinda like New Years’s Resolutions!) Thanks for reminding me about Bluestone Perennials, I have ordered from them in the past, and have been delighted with their service and the quality of their plants. They should be one of your sponsors! I always enjoy your posts, but this one really inspired me.

  3. It will be lovely though mine won’t be completely white. I am adding a lot of white to my Secret Garden in back of my home. It is designed in pinks, purples and blues but I wanted to add white to illuminate it at night. But I will share, my garden is one of my favorite things to share.

  4. I’m looking forward to photos of your white garden. I’ve read more about them and have only seen pictures but they seem so enchanting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. L

  5. There are so many pretty white flowers, and I do love how they make the garden at night so lovely!

  6. Debbie Jones says:

    Great ideas! Think I will do somm white too. Very pretty!

  7. Planning and dreaming about my summer garden is what keeps me sane in the dark days of winter. I am so glad you found refreshment from this.

  8. What a tranquil thought in the dead of winter.

    That was so sweet.

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