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Ode to the Daisy

 Variety of daisiesI love Daisies.
No doubt about it, they are a happy flower.
And tough as nails.
They have been a part of any flower garden I have grown.
A few years back I ran across some seeds of Crazy Daisy.
A ruffledy, fun, sport of the tried and true Shasta Daisy.
DSC_0001.NEF-2I started the seeds and plenty sprouted and thrived.
Some were much more fluffy ruffled than others.
Like the one above.
Some had long elegant petals that gracefully draped.
Elegant petal on DaisySome are more sedate with just a couple rows of petals.
Crazy DaisyI also have regular Daisies in my garden,
Some with short and stubby petals. Shasta DaisySome shorter in stature, like this Silver Princess.
She is not blooming yet but very soon.
I had planted an entire 6 pack of this type several years ago but only one stayed under 18 inches tall.
So in the places in my garden that I want a more diminutive daisy I have taken root divisions of this one and replanted them.
I wanted one in front of a rose bush but I did not want it to grow taller than the rose.
So the shorter daisy works perfect here.
Silver Princess DaisyI have  tried to start seeds from it but they too grow to be taller than I want.
So root divisions it is.
Click here to see how I do that…How to Grow Daisies.
Daisies are also a very hardy lot.
This one grows in the gravel next to the road, it is gorgeous, rarely gets any water,  remains straight and sturdy when others are top heavy and flop over.
It too is just about to bloom.
roadside daisyHere is a batch that reseeded themselves and I just let them come up until I am ready to do something in this space.  They are in front of the Dream Weaver rose.
volunteer patch of Shasta DaisiesEach one seems to be slightly different than the next.
Shasta DaisyIf you wish to read the interesting history of the Shasta Daisy and how it came to be just click HERE
For me they are a drought tolerant flower, something we need right now being that California is in a drought.

Happy Gardening and try some Daisies today!

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lisa M

Friday 11th of July 2014

Wow, your daisy's are so pretty! Sadly my chickens demolished mine a few years back and I've been putting Dahlias in their place since. I may have to switch back next make me miss mine!

Thanks for linking up to Green Thumb Thursday. I hope you'll stop back this week and join us again!

~Lisa M


Saturday 12th of July 2014

I do love my Daisies. They would be hard to replace. I have to keep my chickens penned up as we have coyotes roaming around and they would make a quick snack of them. But my Daisies are so well established that they don't seem to phase them when I do let them free range sometimes. Now my little flowers or fresh starts they decimate in a heart beat. But the really good bugs must be under the freshly planted flowers....;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.