Spring is Nearly Here!

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Spring Is Nearly Here!

Spring is Here, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com
My favorite time of year, well from now until next November, anyways.  Garden time for me.  I love the warm soft air, the abundance of color and the bird song that I am privileged to enjoy in my garden for the next few months.  You will find me grubby from digging in the dirt most days and bone weary but oh so happy at the end of them. 
My garden is just starting to come to life and I took a few photos to share.  It is very early for us to have anything blooming as usually we still have plenty of snow on the ground about now.  And who knows, we still could get a freak storm.  Many times we would get our largest snowfall just about Spring break.  But I won’t worry about that now..I will just enjoy sharing what is peeking up out of the ground.
Purple Iris, Flower Patch Farmhouse
Many of you following me on Instagram and Facebook have seen this but I thought to share it here too.  My first Iris has popped up.  This variety (given to me by a neighbor) is always the first to bloom, but each bloom on lasts about a day or two.  It does have several blooms on the stem so I shall enjoy each one as it opens up.
Hyacinths, Flower Patch FarmhouseI have these fragrant beauties scattered about my front garden patch and as you walk around the paths you are greeted at every turn with their sweet perfume.   Unfortunately I places my new old galvanized tubs atop a big patch of fuchsia hyacinths and they are full of rain water so I think I messed up those blooming this season.  I can empty the tubs and see if maybe they will go ahead and come up.
Grape Hyacinths, Flower Patch Farmhouse.com I love Muscari (grape hyacinths) I have several little patches, that spark of blue is always a welcome sight. 
Daffodils, Flower Patch Farmhouse.comUsually I don’t get to enjoy my Daffodils for long, they end up getting beaten down by a rainstorm or heavy snow fall but it seems like I am actually going to be able to savor these, no rain or snow predicted this week. 
The flower bedecked truck at the beginning of this post belongs to Ironstone Vineyards, they plants a bazillion half wine barrels with bulbs of all sorts each year and display them at their entrance and along pathways.  Just today we took some time to trek down there and photograph as many as I could.  Unfortunately my SD card that belongs in my camera was stuck in my computer still, I forgot that I had been editing photos earlier so I had to rely on my husbands iPhone camera and I do hope that the photos turned out well enough to share.
So what do I have planned for you this week?? Well, I hope to get a Iris painting tutorial done, video recorded and posted.  I would like to share some of the flower photos from the vineyards and another little DIY project. 
Have a wonderful week!

Feel Free to Share!

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  1. Love these, especially the old truck! We had a dry winter here in SW Washington and spring is early. My irises are not up yet but the other bulbs are doing well.

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