Spring In a Teacup

Spring in a Tea Cup

Spring chick in teacup, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Another storm is heading our way and the snow levels are going to be low.  I am getting my greenhouse ready to get seeds and other plants started for my garden.

Looking through photos of past Springs I came across this fun selection with one of my Olive Egger chicks.

Spring in a Tea Cup
I remember having such fun with this little gal as she posed so pretty for me. 

Spring in a Tea Cup
I thought maybe you would enjoy this little bit of Spring to enjoy on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. 

Spring in a Tea Cup
I can’t wait to add some more chicks to my collection of hens this year.  I probably need to hatch out some more olive eggers and I now these gals will begin to slow down in production after this Summer.

Spring in a Tea Cup


I hope you enjoyed this little smidgen of Spring in a Tea cup.


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  1. Oh! Love your stairs. AND that little chick did so well w/her poses! I kind of ran into a somewhat similar situation w/my photo software, just being forced to learn something and it turned out fun (my post includes images from what I learned). I love your header photo. And, I saw your broken pot post (hens & chicks) featured below today’s post and had to glance at your pot for I just today busted a large terra cotta pot. I often save the pieces but wondered why, threw some out and kept some. However, I will be retrieving the broken pieces I do believe! I enjoyed my visit. Great photos and features. Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks, Jenn

    1. I am slowly getting the stairs done but I am enjoying how they are turning out. I am on the lookout now for more terracotta pots, the succulents have done so well in the first one I did, I want to do more this summer. Your kaleidoscopes turned out neat.

  2. Wow you sure are one talented woman. I love the flowers painted on the stairway. How did you get that chick to pose so cute?
    JM Illinois

    1. these are just the calmest little chicks so it was no problem getting the poses. I just set her where I wanted her and she stayed put. Just looked around and chirped now and again.

  3. Wow your stairs are coming out great. Love them!

  4. Sweet, sweet photos! I love this baby in a cup 🙂

  5. how sweet…..sure sign of Spring but not here in Michigan. Not for quite some time. Great pictures, so sweet

    1. Here in Calif. we have not had much winter, but we have been getting some much needed rain the past few days.

  6. I am glad you like both. Seems quite a few people are liking the chick in the teacup to brighten their grey winter days. 🙂

  7. This is adorable. The little chick and tea cup are gorgeous.

    1. I did have fun with both. I am glad you stopped by and enjoyed your visit.

    1. She never did! Shocking I know but she was so well behaved.

  8. Spring in a teacup — too cute! Fun idea to use the chick and teacup. Stay warm. Spring will spring! Happy Tea Day!

  9. It is Sunday and I certainly enjoyed pics of your chick. Great to start thinking of spring coming soon. Thanks.

    1. We woke to 6 fresh inches of snow! But the rest of the week is to be sunny and warming up so I look forward to that tremendously.

  10. Lyn Pilgrim says:

    Loved your photos of your sweet little chick Pamela — sooooo cute !!!

  11. Debbie Jones says:

    Adorables little chick! So sweet to comply!

    1. She was very calm but I had handled them a lot from the time they were hatched so she was not afraid of me.

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