There is something good in every day

There is something good in every day quote

Every day may not be good but there is godd in every day inspirational quote, a higher resolution photo for printing just Click Here)
Happy start to a new week!
Our weekends are so hectic we actually look forward to Monday rolling around.   Though I would’ve liked to spend a good of time in the garden this weekend that was not to be.  Even with the neglect my garden is putting on a gorgeous show for me….and everyone else that drives by.  I get quite a few people slowing down to a crawl to take it all in as they cruise on by my house.

This shot has not been saturated, these literally are this bright.  They do tend to fade a bit if the sun is hot but if it stays a bit cooler the color remains this lovely hue.  These lovlies are called Petal Pusher.  They are a ground cover rose that is a very prolific bloomer, they take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’…..all summer long.
petal pusher roses,
Many folks say they won’t plant Iris as they bloom such a short time.  Well mine have been blooming and filling the garden with their sweet scent and beautiful color for a good spell now, though just finishing up there is plenty to take their place.
side yardThe foxgloves are filling in nicely, I have a little foxglove forest just outside my Studio Cottage doors..
foxglove forestJust beside the Studio Cottage porch stands this pair, don’t they look lovely together?
iris and foxglovesI have extoled the blooming virtues of this Clematis before, Warsaw Nike is a great all summer long bloomer.  It just doesn’t want to quit.
The California Poppies have so taken over that I cannot even see my flagstone path.  I will yank them all out as soon as they are done blooming.  A week or more and they will be ready to be compost.
warsaw nike and Crown Princess MargaretaI got some painting done on a sign, so I shall share.  Painting Geraniums is always fun and uplifting.
come sit on our porch, (2 of 2)I wish you an awesome week and I am planning on getting tons accomplished!
But then I always do.



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  1. Love seeing other people’s gardens. Such good ideas and inspiration.

    1. I know, I am always learning more and more and I have been gardening for 35 years!

  2. Love your stunning pictures!!!

    1. thank you, Nikolina, I am working hard on improving my photography and not just snapping quick photos.

      1. They look good enough to me, but I’m no pro! 🙂

  3. So enjoyed your garden photos.

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