Thank You

I am so glad you are joining me here!

I started this blog/website to share my joys of gardening, painting and fun DIY projects.  I toss in a recipe or two from time to time, easy stuff that lets you get back to creating and is delicious to boot.

NOTE: my painting posts are being migrated to my new website  There is a subscription form on that site to receive the latest painting lessons, tutorials and what I have been up to in the studio, if you wish to subscribe over there you get a downloadable e-Book on painting roses on glass.

As a thank you for subscribing to Flower Patch I created this downloadable e-book of my favorite DIY projects for the garden and creative space.  Nothing fancy but I did have fun putting it together and I see more e-books in the future.

These are available only for my subscribers, I really appreciate you all and your comments and encouragement are what keep me writing, creating and teaching.

Here you go, just click on the big button to download your very own copy! (click the photo for your copy)



Now that you’ve joined us here at Flower Patch I want to share with you some handy links of what you can enjoy:

Gardening Fun

See you soon…