Why I Switched to MailChimp

Why I Switched to MailChimp

This is part of my Build Your Blog series where share my blog building experiences, limited as they may be.
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I needed to upgrade to the Pro plan from BlueHost and they did it all, the transfer was a smooth as glass and not a hiccup to be had.  I can’t say enough good things about this hosting service and now they are running a great special…so if you are thinking of starting a blog this is the time..

On another note I recently switched from using Feedburner for my subscription service to MailChimp. Many blogs I like to follow and read were using different subscription sign up services like MadMimi, AWeber, Feedblitz and MailChimp but I really did not want to tackle the switch. I felt Feedburner was working for me so no need to use something different.
But then I started to get emails from followers saying they were not getting my blog post updates emailed to them even though they had subscribed via the Feedburner service. I asked a few other bloggers why they switched and the reason was the same, Feedburner stopped working reliably.
So I had to switch. I did my research and found a few tutorials and videos. This is the one
I followed. It has 3 sections, is very comprehensive and easy to follow.

It did take me a bit of time so if you are like me and need to concentrate when doing something new, plan to do this on a day that you have quiet and can walk through it without interruptions.  Those days are rare for me with my husband working from home. 
There are also quite a few videos on YouTube that walk you thru using MailChimp as well.
Now all that being say, I want to let you know that I am going to give MadMimi a try, it is free to sign up as well and I plan on reporting in on which one I prefer.

Has anyone else tried a different Mailserver?    Which is your favorite?
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  1. I so need to change too, but just haven’t had the time. Thanks for the helpful link 🙂

    1. Following her steps did make it much easier, though MailChimp has their own step by step. For some reason hers was easier. I think many use MadMimi as it is less expensive once you must start paying for it, I am not there so I have time to make the switch and try it out to see which one I like better as far as usability.

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