September is Lovely

So, last you heard from me I was going to try to give up Summer and embrace Fall…

Abraham Darby Rose

I lied…

total fibster here…

Anne Boleyn

Even my garden is saying, for the most part, that Summer is still around and to just enjoy.

The roses are all going gangbusters, lapping up the 80 degree days..

Crown Princess Margaretta

and the nights have been cooling down to the 50’s, with just a nip in the morning air…


Firefighter Rose

Too bad the smoke is so bad this morning or we could walk the garden paths and just drink in the sweet scent of roses..

Golden Celebration

instead of ‘eau de perfume of burning forest’…

But the Rim fire is 80% contained and they are supposedly to have it completely contained by Sept 20th. 

We do need a good soaking rain get it put out.

pink rose in barrel

Until then we will endure the smoke and hope for a wind shift to clear it out now and then.

Queen Elizabeth

It has been a lovely weekend so far…

Sharifa Asma rose

I  made jam…from the strawberries picked from my very own patch..

side rose

And painted on some custom order signs..

Black Eyed Susie orange tip

Dead headed some flowers in the they can bloom again.

A relaxing but busy day to be sure.

Blue Asters

Today I need to do some chicken debris shoveling…

sounds fun, doesn’t it???

Pink Asters

For some it may be a wicked chore but when I see the results of all that lovely chicken doo compost I don’t begrudge a moment of shoveling.


It won’t take me long then I can get back to painting…I need to add more trees to this sign, which will be easy enough.


I need to get it done, it is so large it is eating up all my space and I have about 6 custom order signs to get done.

Happy Sunday to you….enjoy your day.



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    1. Rain would be welcome but I am also enjoying the lovely weather we have enjoyed. The fire seems to be under control and the smoke has cleared for now. I think it should come a good rain each night and dawn with glorious sun. The best of both worlds. :0

  1. Your roses are perfection!! What beautiful flowers and photography you share here… Larry

    1. Thank you Larry. I enjoy both immensely. I must capture the flowers in photos so I can get thru the winter of deep snow for months at a time. I go back and view my photo flowers for sanity.

    1. They did do splendidly this year, with little help from me. It was a lovely summer.

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