Painting the Stairs 4–Geraniums in a Basket

Painting Red Geraniums one stroke at a time.
Paint your stairs with Flowers,
I waffled for a while on what to paint.
I thought maybe Hydrangeas, daisies or poppies….but none of those seemed to fit that step (I may do any of those on the next)…
finally it struck me that a basket of red Geraniums would do the trick.
I started with the basket…
And then some leaves…
Because the craziness of life set in, it sat like this for a couple weeks!
Sophie made it her spot and when I asked her to move so I could work on it….
she glared at me with a look that said…..
“Bug me and die!”
She finally, none too graciously, moved herself to a spot behind the wood stove.
And I continued painting the stems and a few background buds.
(if you wish to see a full tutorial with Video just click HERE)
Next I added more buds with a touch of white and a brighter red.
A few trailing stems or vines to add some width.
And voila’ the  step is done…
well, mostly done, I will add some shadowing to give it depth.
Though looking at the photos I think I should’ve taken the buds up on to the tread to give it more height.
Hmm…what do you think?
Painting Flowers on the Stairs,
4 steps done and just a couple more to go.
Hunching down to do the bottom one is going to be killer!

If you wish to see a full tutorial painting a Basket of Geraniums click Here
geranium basket painting banner
For some reason I cannot find where I posted on painting the Yellow Rose bouquet.
Did I do a post on that one?
Too much going on around here, I am losing it!

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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    1. I probably had Longaberger in mind when I painted it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially picking the color.

  1. What a lovely way to treat stairs! I don’t recall seeing a post on the yellow rose bouquet, though you have that lovely tute on painting yellow roses (on the saloon sign). Thank you for sharing your stairs – it must be a real treat every time you have to go up them!

    1. I think I missed posting the Yellow Rose one. Oh well, as you say, I do have the tutorial already on painting yellow roses. It is a treat to see the paintings on the stairs. Next I plan on painting the treads so they are treat to come down as well.

  2. Hi Pamela. What a lovely idea to paint your stairs. It makes me wish I had stairs. Too funny about the cat!
    If it were my decision, I would leave the stairs as you have them with one between for a visual break. Same
    for the treads. I’m looking forward to seeing the treads painted.

    There never seems to be enough time to paint!

  3. what a great idea. Its beautiful!
    can’t wait to see it finished.

    1. Hi Iris, it is taking me much longer than I had wished but life keeps interfering with what I wish to get accomplished around here but is will get done, eventually.:)

    1. Thank you Jolanta, I am surprisingly well pleased with how they are turning out.

  4. Fabulous idea to paint the stairs — I think the pansies are my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maybe you should paint the cat on one step and let her tail hang down!

  5. So beautiful ! You’re did a great job ! I painted my stairs too but only with pink shabby roses, and I know how difficult it is to paint in such an uncomfortable position ๐Ÿ™‚ !
    xoxo from PARIS


    1. Do you have any photos of your stairs to share? Or a link to a blog page that may have them? Now that you have put that teaser out there I need the see them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Just Beautiful, Pamela! This is a project on my to-do list as well, but I am not so talented in my painting. Stenciling might be what I end up doing. Lovely inspiration! Hugs, Catherine (latest follower of all your blogging adventures!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Stenciling is how I got started in painting so that is great and there are some really lovely stencils available!

  7. Your painting of the stairs is awesome wish I could paint like that I guess its a gift.Thank you for this.

    1. Do you know, I still have yet to finish the last step. I still love seeing the art work as I head up the stairs each time.

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