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Painting the Stairs 4–Geraniums in a Basket

Painting Red Geraniums one stroke at a time.
Paint your stairs with Flowers,
I waffled for a while on what to paint.
I thought maybe Hydrangeas, daisies or poppies….but none of those seemed to fit that step (I may do any of those on the next)…
finally it struck me that a basket of red Geraniums would do the trick.
I started with the basket…
And then some leaves…
Because the craziness of life set in, it sat like this for a couple weeks!
Sophie made it her spot and when I asked her to move so I could work on it….
she glared at me with a look that said…..
“Bug me and die!”
She finally, none too graciously, moved herself to a spot behind the wood stove.
And I continued painting the stems and a few background buds.
(if you wish to see a full tutorial with Video just click HERE)
Next I added more buds with a touch of white and a brighter red.
A few trailing stems or vines to add some width.
And voila’ the  step is done…
well, mostly done, I will add some shadowing to give it depth.
Though looking at the photos I think I should’ve taken the buds up on to the tread to give it more height.
Hmm…what do you think?
Painting Flowers on the Stairs,
4 steps done and just a couple more to go.
Hunching down to do the bottom one is going to be killer!

If you wish to see a full tutorial painting a Basket of Geraniums click Here
geranium basket painting banner
For some reason I cannot find where I posted on painting the Yellow Rose bouquet.
Did I do a post on that one?
Too much going on around here, I am losing it!

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.