Paint Autumn Leaves on Glass

Paint Autumn Leaves on glass windows for beautiful DIY Fall decor. An easy beginner friendly tutorial with video.

This vintage window makes the perfect surface to paint Autumn leaves on glass. Hang it or set it on a console table along with pumpkins, mums and other fabulous elements of Fall for a unique DIY decor vignette.

The video shows each leaf being painted

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Forgive the low sound at first, my microphone battery was dying but I figured it out and replaced it. .

This would be pretty on the front porch or garden room as well as inside your home. The acrylic paint will hold up just fine as long as it is on a covered porch. My supply list for this project is at the end of the post.

You can use any color of paints you have or wish, I listed what I had used for this project but it is by no means a rigid rule.

Painting on glass is very similar to painting on other surfaces with one caveat, you have to use a lighter touch to spread the paint without lifting it back off.  I have to do a second coat for opacity though others seem to do just fine with one.

See how the first coat is not opaque? That is normal.

With the window I first painted a light circle on the back to give me a guideline to follow, it will be washed off once the leaves are all painted. I just used a plate to draw around with a loaded liner paint brush. You can see it in some of the photos, it is a yellow color.

underpainting of fall leaf on glass windwoI place a leaf pattern under the glass to follow.  I painted this undercoat in one solid color, leaf above is undercoated with the color called Autumn Leaves.
You can see how much more opaque it is with the second coat.

second coat on leaf for opacity

Some I do the undercoat in a double load, but the choice is up to you.  On both I used a pattern placed under the glass to follow but as you can tell I am not exact, it is merely a guideline.

In the video I paint all the leaves for you so you get an idea of how to move your brush.   This one below is done without a pattern beneath.  The wonderful thing about hand painting is no two are ever just alike.

After letting the base coat dry thoroughly (you can use a blow dryer to speed it up), then you can put on the second coat trying hard not to lift the base coat, it can be tricky but you get the hang of it.

You can see how much more opaque it is with just the second coat.  In the video I share how I clean up the edges.

I still wasn’t satisfied with this one so I added another layer.

That is much better.

Painting on glass windows is great fun but what is also wonderful is if you make a mistake it is so easy to wash off to begin again. Or you can wash it all off and paint a winter scene once the season changes.
If you use regular craft acrylics you can even paint the windows of your home.

Ready to get started?

Painting Books I enjoy on Glass Painting
Donna Dewberry Glass and Ceramics
Painting on Porcelain and Ceramic by Priscilla Hauser

For another post on painting Fall Leaves CLICK HERE.

Happy Painting!

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Paint Autumn Leaves on Glass. Gorgeous Fall colors arranged in a wreath in this painting tutorial. Step by step instructions and a video attached. This is wonderful for Fall porch DIY decor, a fun craft with kids or a seasonal change. Completely washable and ready for a new season.


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  1. Where did you get the patterns for the leaves. I love this but need the guidance like you suggested.

    1. I traced leaves I found on the ground and I have used graphics I found online. I just do a google search of leaf graphics. Also my other leaf tutorials have files attached you can download. They are linked (red) in this post. 🙂

  2. I love watching your videos. Very informative and fun.
    Your voice is so soothing. 🙂
    If I use regular craft paint on my window will I have to scrape it off to change the design?

  3. What do you seal it with if you want to make sure it stays nice? Julie

    1. The windows I paint are not exposed to water so I don’t bother sealing it and they are temporary. If I was doing one I wanted to remain permanent I would paint it with the enamel paints. They air cure in 21 days or so and if it is glassware that will be washed you can bake the enamel paints.
      The windows I painted at the gallery were there for over 3 months but under an eave, they looked great when I went to scrub them off to paint a new design. So the paints hold up very well even if not sealed.

  4. Your painting tutorial was super! Loved the blended colors and using a template makes this project doable. You have so much talent! Beautiful!

  5. Very creative and pretty project. love the leaves. Great that you just copied leaved off the ground. Thank you for sharing at DI&DI.

  6. I love this! Creating something with old windows is on my inspiration list. I still haven’t figure out just yet what to make. Maybe when I find the perfect window it will come to me. You hand painted leaf wreath is gorgeous. I have to take some time and practice some of your painting techniques. Painting is some I also want to learn. So much to do, so little time.

  7. Absolutely love this tutorial. The window looks great! Thanks.

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