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Our Relaxing Back Porch Garden Room

Our Relaxing Back Porch Garden Room

Relaxing Back Porch Garden roomI hope everyone enjoyed the Trumpet Vine painting tutorial.  I am now working on a poppy tutorial so be sure to come on back for that.  When I am not painting I am either busy in the garden or working on my little garden room on our back deck.
A couple summers ago I shared how we enclosed this one corner of our deck.  The hot sun came in at an angle in mid afternoon so though we had a shade overhead it was still too hot to sit out there, putting up some rustic walls was the ticket to being able to comfortably sit out there.
If you wish to see how we did it click on the photo.
Make-a-Garden-room.jpgI have used all sorts of furniture in our garden room over the past couple of summers all the while hunting for a bistro set.   I spotted this apple green one at Ross at a great price this Spring and I snapped it up.   I had actually wanted white but figured I could easily paint it.  Once I got it home the first thing my husband said was how much he like the apple green, so apple green it stays.

I am still working on the garden room and this is what it looks like so far.  I am going to pan from left to right so you see it all.  The blue bench that some plants are sitting on is going to go, it was just to large and heavy for me to move on my own.  It is in rather shabby shape, I built it from plywood, I was practicing building a church pew type bench.  Since then it has been used as a surface to hold items I am spray painting so it has various colors all over it.   I am using it here as a nursery for some plants.  Under it you can see the rose cuttings I am rooting.  More will join this pot tomorrow as I root more.  Keeping the pot of cuttings close at hand makes sure I don’t forget about them and let them dry out.  My greenhouse is much too hot until I find the shade cloth that goes over it, it is around here somewhere!
Back deck fun, (6 of 9)The ivy in the terra cotta colored pot sitting on the bench is 20 years old and it was looking a bit tired so I cut it way back and hope it revives.  It is a tough old thing and will most likely be spilling down the sides in no time.
I just moved the Hydrangea up to the deck, it was down beside my Studio Cottage and it really needs re-potting or I need to put it in the ground.  It has outgrown this pot and is struggling.  I have been meaning to re-pot it for a couple years and I always seem to let it slide.  Maybe if it is right here in front of me I will finally get to it.  Even though it is struggling it is starting to bloom beautifully, the blooms will be an added touch of blue in the garden room.
I am really loving our off set umbrella much better than the pop up canopy.  If it gets a bit windy it is easy enough to crank closed.   Ace Hardware has them on sale until the end of the month, my husband and I both agree that it is well worth the money.  You can get weights to hold it in place but we just screwed it to the corner of the deck.  (I am not affiliated with Ace, I just really like this umbrella)
We both love that the pole holding it is off in the corner, out of the way instead of smack dab in the center of it all.
Back deck fun, (7 of 9)If you are looking for a bistro table and chairs like mine you can find some similar at Amazon.  (this is an affiliate link) They have Red and Green, the green is less in price by a good margin so hop on over and check it out.

I want to add more pots of flowers to the ladder but I need to fix a wider board to the rungs so they will stay put.  The lobelia looks a bit lonely.  I will definitely attempt to get better photos for you soon, these just don’t do this spot justice.
Back deck fun, (8 of 9)Last but not least our potting bench.  We built this  a few years back and it has been a favorite project of mine.  I use it all the time.  I have a half whiskey barrel fountain off to the right that is splashing away, the soothing sounds of water joining the song bird tunes for a quiet symphony.  Can’t you feel the stress of the day just melting away.
Back deck fun, (9 of 9)I sit and have coffee out here in the morning, pot up plants on my bench and we often sit out here in the evening as the sun sets and the summer air is cooling down.  It will be changing all the time so I shall share again.  Plants will fill out and make it even more flowery.   My favorite decor!
Happy Summer!

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Tuesday 16th of October 2018

WOW! You are AWESOME! You and I share a similar vibe. I am thoroughly impressed with all you do. Now, it will take 10 years for me to catch up with you! Thanks for the Garden Room idea. It's Beautiful! Now, I'm inspired to finish my potting bench. Color - apple green!


Saturday 20th of October 2018

Thank you Genie. I think you potting bench in apple green will be wonderful. In fact I was struggling with choosing a color to repaint mine and I think I will go that route too. Do share if you get the chance. I would love to see it.

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Monday 4th of January 2016

[…] get lost when plants got larger. Though the photos don’t do it justice at all we enjoyed our back deck garden room all summer long. It was an amazing place to sit and have evening meals and just enjoy the beauty […]


Monday 29th of June 2015

Such a sweet little spot to relax and enjoy all your hard work!


Thursday 2nd of July 2015

I do enjoy it so much and is just out the back door so very convenient too.


Saturday 27th of June 2015

Relaxing indeed! Great job!


Sunday 28th of June 2015

We enjoy it daily. Everybody needs one! ;)

Cat G

Friday 26th of June 2015

Dear Pamela, I am so excited about finding your website. I saw you first on youtube, while searching for painting tutorials. I like your style and approach to the painting videos: simple, clear, informative, happy and fun! I watch yours over and over, being a 'newbie'. Thank you for the recent Trumpet Vine and PLEASE keep your tutorials coming!!! I look forward to lots more! Thank you and God bless you. Cat


Sunday 28th of June 2015

Thank you, Cat! I am always trying to improve the quality as well. And for those that have slow internet and have a hard time viewing the videos I am looking into making DVD's with workbooks. It is slow going as I have so much going on but I thought it could be helpful. I plan on making as many more as I can get to, I do love doing them!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.