My New Peeps

The past 21 days have flown by.
So fast that my eggs in the incubator were pipping before I knew it.
Sunday night I heard a little chirp emit from in here…
eggs pipping
By Monday morning one little chickie was battling her way out.
My plans for the day took a sudden left turn when I realized I was not prepared.
I had no chick feed, I needed to hunt down my chick feeder and water dispenser as well as fixing up a brooder.
So I put aside my cleaning and painting chores for the day and got to work.
eggs pipping2
I had to work fast as these little gals were not going to take their time about hatching out.
One pecked out before I even left the house.
eggs pipping3
I ran to the feed store, bought what I needed and came straight home.
By then another was greeting the world.
Not long and the rest just starting popping out.
eggs pipping4
Out of 7 eggs I got 6 live chicks.
Number 7 did hatch but she did not make it for very long.
It should be interesting to see what these gals grow up to look like.
They are a cross between a Black Copper Marans rooster and Amercauna momma’s.
The two olive eggs were from a former cross hen so it should be interesting to see what the eggs of that one will lay, maybe  a darker green.
The light grey chick is the one hatched from the olive egg.  The one that did not make it was from the other olive colored egg.

That has been the excitement around here.
And how is your week going?


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  1. Linda Southworth says:

    Pamela, I love your new fuzz balls! Please give us a quick picture as they grow since they change so fast. They should be fun to watch. Hopefully these 6 are good and healthy!

    1. I will add more photos for the fun of it. They do mature so quickly.

  2. Barbara Lilian says:

    My week has not been as exciting as yours. I love it when i go to my daughters , there’s always something new that has arrived , from a mass of stick insects, chicks to kittens or pups. New life always brings interest,

    1. I know, having them hatch just made it a happy day. Funny how new little life forms make us feel good.

  3. Oh Pamela the chicks are adorable. What a wonderful story! I had a stray cat on my deck for a while so I started feeding her. She wouldn’t let me touch her but she would lay on the deck with my pit mix Buddy. He loved her. I made her a shelter in a box and just would feed her each day. Then I noticed she was expecting. Then the day came and I peeked in the box and she had 7 brand new kitties. I was just amazed she didn’t want to be touched but she trusted me enough to have her kittens at my back door. A fews weeks later I notices that she and her babies were gone. I was so sad but kept putting out food and she would come and eat at night. Again a few weeks went by and I hadn’t seen the babies in a while probably 4-5 weeks when I came in my back gate and she was laying against my back door with all her babies old enough to eat the food I put out. I was elated. I wish I could post a picture for you to see.

    1. Oh, I love baby kitties. What fun. I am going to try to keep adding photos of the chicks as they mature, for the fun of it. I need to handle them more as they are a bit skittish right now. But the more I handle them the more pet like they will become.

  4. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of you painted stairs. Love them!

    1. I can’t wait to get back to painting on them. Life has been a bit too crazy for comfort lately. Nothing bad just super cram packed!

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