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March Income Report – Come see how we grew!

March Income Report for
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I know I am late with this but tax time had me buried.  But now I am done and I can get back on track here. 
Not everyone is really interested in these reports and that is okay but there is enough of you that have expressed gratitude for the transparency that comes with these reports and what you are learning from them so I am continuing to post.
My growth is slow but ongoing. One avenue of income I have not really pursued which is highly recommended is sponsored posts.   A company or brand hires you to try out and write a blog post on your experience of a product of theirs. 
I have joined a couple groups that provide updates on what some brands are looking for but none of the sponsor opportunities fit my niche so I didnot even bother applying. 
March was very slow in sign painting and sales.  That was purposeful on my part.  I really want to revamp the inside of my studio and I find that nearly impossible when I am trying to fill orders. 
Lets break down what I did make in March
Adsense Ads:        $390.67
Lijit (Sovrn) Ads:    $44.90
Gourmet Ads (new one):  $31.21
YouTube videos:    $117.60
Patterns and Plans:    $73.80
Affiliate sales: $19.52

Total: $729.70

Bluehost:   $20
e-junkie: $5
Paypal fees:  $6.19
Lumber for projects: $10

Total: $41.19

Profit: $688.51

You will notice that though I did not make any money on signs in March that I still made more profit overall. (Feb I made over $300 in sign sales)


My traffic really grew as well.
Income report March 2015February the page views were 46,451, so a growth of 19,831 page views.  That is a growth of about 30%. Not bad in one month. 
So far this month I am just holding steady but who knows what can happen in the next 2 weeks. 

Traffic Sources
March 2015 traffic report

Most of my traffic is to my painting tutorials and projects so I know what many people come here for and that is just fine as I have plenty more to share.

My efforts for March

In March I really tried to be consistent on Facebook, post more on Twitter and a bit more posting on Linky Parties.  When I look at my analytics for the past year I found that the few times I had projects accepted to Craftgawker I really had a spike in traffic.  For the amount of time I put into that it really paid off, way more than the time I am spending on Facebook.  So my goal for the rest of this month (April) is to focus more on getting project photos submitted and accepted at Craftgawker. 

This past week I learned how to update and repost old posts that may be buried and have not been seen by all my current subscribers.  Some of those posts need to have the photos resized or stripped of metadata so they load better. 
I notice that my blog loads slowly on some mediums (tablets and phones) and I need to look into what is causing the lag.  I may need to hire a web master to give it a once over and help me get that fixed. 

I am really enjoying all the video and step by step tutorials I have been posting.  That will continue and being that this time of year I spend loads of time in my garden you will get more gardening posts as well.

I have been shopping my existing garden to plant up my back garden and I am taking step by step photos so you can see how it comes along.  I can’t wait to see how it fills in.  It will be okay this summer but by next summer it should really be colorful.  Don’t worry about my using too much water during the drought, we produce enough gray water to be able to take care of the watering needs of my ornamental plants.  That is water that would’ve just gone down the drain anyways and is better used in the garden. 

Chick in a teacup,
More veggie painting tutorials coming up this week so stay tuned.  And a really fun garden project or two!
Have a great rest of the week!

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Wednesday 15th of July 2015

While wondering if I'm too old (and opinionated) to start blogging, I still think i might, as I have a major interest that no one else seems to blog about, so I find your reports and stats interesting. Perhaps I can do this.

Your painting lesson pictures remind me bit of the work of Peter Hunt, the 1940s and 50s folk artist of Provincetown. Painting furniture and decor goes in cycles and it looks like you are at just the right time of life to take advantage of this cycle.

Thanks for sharing your art work and your site unfo. And for teaching others, a generous gift you give....... MJ

Arleen Finders

Wednesday 15th of April 2015

I love your posts! Thanks for sharing.

Alana McClellan

Wednesday 15th of April 2015

Count me in your group of those interested in your economic reports :) I have long wanted to start a blog myself and look to you as a mentor of sorts. I am having foot surgery monday with quite a lengthy recover period, and am hoping to start my blog then. I mainly wanted to thank you for all that you do and it is so fun to follow you.


Wednesday 15th of April 2015

Thanks for this post and I love the chickie in the teacup!

Ginene Nagel

Tuesday 14th of April 2015

I am fascinated by these posts on economics, though I found you originally looking for furniture painting examples and then found this lovely person. Thank you so much for this post. Great photograph of the chick in the teacup! -Ginene

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