Look for Beauty in Ordinary Things

Good morning!  Here is a little inspiration for you.  Look for Beauty in Ordinary things quote with one of my happy hummingbirds that visited this summer.

Sadly, the rufous hummingbirds have moved on but what fun we had while they were here.  Such frisky little guys and the babies were so cute!

Look for beauty in ordinary things, Rufous hummingbird in flight.

Summer seems to be starting to wane here.  The nights are refreshingly cool and the days have been only into the upper 80’s with a nice breeze.

I am hoping for a nice, long, warm Fall.  I have tons of projects to do and I like it warm and dry for those.

Late summer blooms are doing great in my garden.  They all did wonderfully during the intense heat we had in July and now they are putting on a real show.

Even the buds of echinacea are attractive.

echinacea buds

I will be working on the blog site this next week and things may get a little wonky before they get better but all the changes will be for the good.

This begonia is one I overwintered last year, it has returned with a vengeance and rewarding me with these flamboyantly bright blooms!

begonia, santa cruz

My Secret Garden became a wild mess during July but it is a beautiful mess.  I moved this heirloom rose that is in a pot over by my cottage she shed so it would be in the shade while I was gone and I really like it here.  It most likely won’t get enough sun to do well for long but being in a pot I can move it to sunlight again easily.

Kirsten Poulson rose, beside studio and bench

My hydrangea is doing beautifully.  I will pick these blooms soon to dry and build something I have on my list of DIY’s to share to display them in.
What I enjoy about this variety is a get a wide range of colors in the flowers.  Blue, lavender and if you look down to the left you will see a bit of pink.  All on this one potted plant.

hydrangea blue and pink

I have had tons of Swallowtail butterflies this summer but I was worried I would not see any Monarchs, then my butterfly bush began to bloom.  That must’ve been the beacon for the Monarchs as I have spotted quite a few fluttering around it and the rest of my garden since.

Black Knight butterfly bush

My roses are all blooming like crazy again, they seem to have like the heat wave we had.  I shall share more another day or if you follow me on Instagram you will get to see the “blooms of the day”.

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Anne Boelyn rose, David Austin roses

Have a fabulous day and look for the beauty in the ordinary!


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  1. Hi Pam,
    Your posts are always a pleasure to read and view, so colourful and so beautiful. I love all the wonderful photos of your garden flowers.
    I hope you get the long, warm Fall you are hoping for. Best wishes. Marina

  2. I’m so glad your garden did as well as you wanted this year, Pamela. I had a hard time keeping two homes going, so I suffered here and there. Makes me sad, I think you know how I feel.

    Do you deadhead your coneflowers? I’m not sure when and they do look gorgeous for so long. Do I save the seeds or do they self sow? I am loving the pink and yellow ones I have but not sure. Thanks for your advice.

    By the way…I love fall, too, and always pray for an Indian summer!

    1. Many times I leave them as food for the birds over winter. The White Swan have self sown but had cross pollinated with the purple and I just got a lighter purple. I need to dig up and divide my White Swan in Fall, probably in early late September. I also dead head, I just picked some for a bouquet yesterday but I have so many throughout my gardens they ones I pick are not missed. Most do self sow, but there are some out there that are sterile hybrids. My Tomato Soup is a sterile hybrid so the seeds will do nothing. I think the copious amounts of rain and snow we had last winter has the most to do with how well my garden is performing this Summer. I am really hoping for a long Indian Summer since we did not really get Summer till after the first week of June.

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