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I think I will just be HAPPY today!

I think I will just be Happy today Inspiration

I think I will just be Happy today inspirational quote with beautiful Iris. a downloadable hi resolution file of the above just CLICK HERE personal use only please)
Happy, happy beginning of a new week everyone! We are getting some rain and the mountain is to get some snow today.  We will have to wait and see how much.

In the meantime I enjoyed my garden this weekend.  I divided and transplanted many an Iris, took cuttings of roses and potted them up to start new ones, potted up Coleus I had rooted in water and planted some dianthus in the Secret Garden along the pathway.  It will make it pretty and bright in the Spring.  I love this color…
Firewitch Dianthus, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comI am also trying to work on another porch sign.  It is simpler than the last, less busy but still fun to make.
Did you see my coloring page I posted Friday, if not click on over to it and download your free copy.
The prompt for today was basket so I worked on sketching a bushel basket and now I need to make a painting out of it.
bushel basket001I am following a lettering/sketching course and each day there is a prompt or inspiration, as I said, todays was basket.  Each odd day the prompt is for a doodle or sketch and the even days is for lettering.  The sketching will be easier than the lettering for me.  I think.  We shall see how I do.  I doubt I will be able to do every prompt as some days are more full than others but I can try and it is kind of neat to have someone suggest what you should attempt rather than brainstorming it for yourself.

I wish you and grand and productive week!  It looks like cool weather has hit California at last.  We are so glad we have our wood-stove to snuggle beside.  I just wish I had one in my studio.  How cozy that would be!
One last flower photo for you to enjoy, because I love them so and it is what gets me through the winter.
This Iris is called Shakin’ All Over.  (swoon)
Shakin All Over Iris,


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Monday 2nd of November 2015

Thanks for the photos of these beautiful, colourful Iris flowers. I love Iris and I have a few pale ones in the garden but they didn't surface this year. Not sure what went wrong. The weather here in the UK has been grey and drizzly for quite while and what little Summer we had seems long gone, except when we get the odd sunshiny day, as we did yesterday. It was a beautiful day, more so because the leaves are now on full Autumn oranges and reds. My daughter and I sat outside on the patio, enjoying the miraculous warm sunshine and the view of the very few remaining colourful flowers left in the garden, the fuchsias, in pink, white, and purple. Today's weather is back to grey, extremely foggy, and cold. So thank you, again, for this colourful Iris photo. It makes me smile!


Monday 2nd of November 2015

I do love Fuchsias but I have trouble overwintering them. We had an extra long summer for us this year, but unfortunately that came with the severe drought. As much as I dislike winter for its gray bleakness and short days I am hoping for a nice long wet one for the sake of the trees in our forests. I need to take my camera with me on a drive to show how the trees are dying in masses. I can speak about it without there being much impact, the visual is so much more powerful. It is raining today but I may try to do that. I have loads and loads of flower photos to share so do come back and visit from time to time and you can see plenty of the bright and cheery. Finding and sharing all my summer flower photos helps me to endure the winter with a much more cheerful disposition!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.