How You Make Others Feel Inspirational Quote

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How You Make Others Feel Inspirational QuoteHow you make others feel inspirational quote
It has been awhile since I shared a Monday Inspiration.  My roses are all spent and tucked away for winter but this one was still blooming  just last month and it has some of the prettiest blooms on it, prettier than all summer.  Yesterday I cut the last of the buds from this bush and brought them inside, maybe they will open up for me.
I have a full day today but I have an interesting post coming up on monetizing the blog and an experiment I am starting to work on.  It is taking some time, collecting information then explaining it is time consuming.  It feels like I am back in school and writing a report.
In bookkeeping I had software that just spit out the reports for me, of course through the weeks you had entered the information a little at a time and if you did it correctly the reports were a breeze.
This is so different!  Work, work, work.
We have been watching Season 5 of Downton Abbey and the next Sundays episode is the last.  That always makes me sad, we get such enjoyment from that program.  I have pre-ordered the DVD and won’t get it until January but during December we will start from Season 1 and watch them all over again then by the time I get Season 5 on DVD we will be ready to re watch it.

Have a great Monday everyone!


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  1. With colder weather heading out way I need to bring in my ivy geraniums and other more tender things. They will last a bit longer in the greenhouse then I need to decide what to put inside the house for the really cold part of winter and what to just let die off. It is hard to choose. I have yet to try overwintering my geraniums in a brown paper bag in the basement. I should try, just for the hey of it.

  2. I was out in the garden today, the last mild day for awhile I am sure. I spotted some lovely miniature roses that look at little ratty around the edges but otherwise lovely. I will bring them in tomorrow (got busy and forgot to do it today) and keep them in a vase on my table until the last petal falls.

  3. Love the picture of your last bloom rose. It’s strange how the late ones often seem more beautiful. Good idea to take the buds indoors, I often do this, they don’t always open but I’d rather try than leave them too shrivel up and fall off. It sounds like you’ve been busy, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

  4. Pamela

    Isn’t it funny how the last blooms can be the prettiest. My bright red begonias are still in full bloom and not sure if I should pull them up yet.
    I love todays saying!


  5. I know, I loved that saying as soon as I spotted it so I had to add it to a flower photo and share. And I do try to be one of those persons, even on my crabby days. 😀

  6. Pamela,
    The last of my roses were fabulous, too. I am looking forward to all your posts!
    I so agree with you, there are people, and we all strive to be one of them, that raise us up and being in their company is refreshing. We never forget people like that.

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