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Good Monday Morning Inspirational Quote

believe you can 700

I am running a little behind this morning….wonder why.
The time change normally has little impact on me but this time around it seems to really have tossed a wrench into the works.
I have not been able to paint anymore on my staircase.
I am still working on the yellow rose bouquet.

I do dislike when I start a project and cannot work on it until it is done.
My work schedule last week was harrowing, by Friday I was bone tired and soul weary.
Saturday I could barely move.   But I did manage to get some tags made for my signs that are going into the Home Décor artisans co-op I have joined and take more signs in to be hung.
If you would, click on over and give the store Facebook page a Like. Timeless Home Gallery

Here is a photo of some of my signs in what is called the Farm room.
They blend in perfectly.
Items come and go quickly so I will try to share what is new in the store as frequently as I can and I will post what days I am to work in the store so if you wish, you can come see me.
There is quite a diverse group of artists here and it is surprising how well everything compliments each other.
We don’t have separate booths, it is all co-mingled which makes for a pleasant surprise around every corner.
The chicks are doing great, they have been moved to the brooder in the hen pen.

I will take some fresh photos of them soon to share.
Until then, have a fabulous Monday!


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vintage style cherries sign
More hand painted signs
It’s Monday again, time for an Inspirational Quote

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.