Fun DIY Scrabble Tile Art for Fall!

Fun DIY Scrabble Tile Art for Fall, use scrap wood or new, whatever you have to make this fun decor for your Fall display.

This DIY Scrabble tile art is a fairly quick and easy project that is reversible and can be made with any word you wish.  Easy paint, crackle and distressed finish for your rustic, farmhouse and/or cottage decor.

Make your own fabulously fun Scrabble Tile art. Instead of an A you have a handpainted pumpkin on one side and an Autumn leaf on the other. Easy to make!
I deliberately hand painted a pumpkin on one side and a …..
DIY Fall Scrabble Tiles on Scrap Wood,….leaf on the other in place of the A so that is not it.  I am not going to tell you, I am going to see if anyone can tell me in the comments.  I will fix it and insert a photo of the finalized project in a week or so.

I will go ahead share the step by step of creating these tiles.  I already have instructions here on the blog for painting the leaf and also one for how to paint a pumpkin.

Here is a tutorial for painting White Pumpkins as well.

Lets get started on our DIY Scrabble tile art…I used a 1″ x 6″ pine board, just plain ol lumber from our local lumberyard.  I trimmed it at 5.5″ intervals so they are nearly square.  As you may know regular lumber may be called a 1 x 6 but it does not measure that.  You could also use a 2 x 6 for thicker tiles. Or you can use wrapped canvas’, you will just need a way to stabilize them to stand like a faux scrabble tile tray.  (I will come up with a DIY for that soon)

Once I had the squares cut I stained them with a dark oak stain, any dark stain will work.
Fall Scrabble Tiles DIY, with a leaf and a pumpking.

Once the stain is dry I slapped on a bit of crackle medium.  Some use Elmer’s white glue but I prefer the consistency of a crackle medium.  Let the medium dry then paint on your top coat. CLICK here for an entire post on using Crackle Medium
I went with a white.  This is regular house interior latex. Nothing fancy, you can use craft paint as well.

DIY Fall Scrabble Tiles with wood Scrap, two sides for double the fun, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comBe careful as you brush on the white, the crackle medium re-activates and you will brush it right back off if you overwork putting on the white paint.  As the paint dries the crackles appear.

Let the white coat dry completely then take your sander or sand paper and sand each tile a bit to distress them, work a bit more around the edges.

Next trace on your letters and design.  I print out the letters with my printer using Microsoft Word then I transfer them to the tiles with graphite paper…

You can print out your own custom wording. I show you how to create wording for signs here.

You can see the faint outline on the tiles below.
paint Fall scrabble squares, fun for your decor, (5 of 9)Now paint your leaf and/or pumpkin on the one tile and the letters on the others. I painted in the letters using a filbert brush.

paint Fall scrabble squares, fun for your decor, (9 of 9)I decided to distress them a bit and add some shadowing but that is totally optional.

DIY Fall Scrabble Tiles on Scrap Wood, you have your Fall Scrabble Tiles to add to your decor.
You can use them on your mantel, with a porch display or in a vignette on a table top…  Or even coasters if you put an exterior varathane finish on the. I like Rustoleum Spar Urethane Outdoor.

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Easy DIY Fall Scrabble Tiles for your decor! Pumpkin and leaf painting tutorials included! Use up that scrap wood. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comHappy Fall Painting!


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    1. You got it. I hope to get the numbers on them today before setting up a Fall vignette with them.

  1. Hello Pam I just spied the tall sign you are making….could you be doing a giant Welcome sign. I am in the middle of making one now.

    Love your site,

    1. Yes, I am making a large welcome sign and I am going to paint some Fall stuff on it. It will make a great statement piece for my studio porch.

  2. Being “Scrabble” tiles, the little number in the corner indicating
    the value of the tile is missing. Is that it?
    That pumpkin is beautiful!

    1. Yes, it is. I need to look up what value the F is, I know the L’s are 1. Thank you on the pumpkin, I am working on a tutorial for it now.

    1. Thanks, Deb. I really enjoyed making these. They have already been snapped up so I need to make another set for myself.

  3. Loved your fall paint lessons!….Do scrabble tiles have numbers?…I actually play scrabble on my phone but can’t remember!:)

    1. Yes, scrabble tiles do have numbers. It is how you score in the Scrabble game.

  4. I guessed the little value numbers, too. We are a smart lot, aren’t we? Unlike some of the rest of you I am not making any signs for fall. Well, that might not be exactly true. I have a welcome sign on a stick with a sunflower on it that I got at an auction in with something else I bid on. I have been going to repaint it and put it by the door, including the letters that spell WELCOME. Hope to get it done before the snow flies! Maybe I’ll take an idea from your sign, Pamela, and substitute a pumpkin for one of the letters. Thanks for sharing your project. It has me motivated to work on that welcome sign!

    1. I have a couple signs lined up to do and I need to get myself in gear. It seems life has crept in and gotten in the way. I too need extra motivation from time to time. 🙂

  5. Absolutely adorable and thank you for the how to

  6. I really like the Fall sign you made. Perfect either way, pumpkin or leaf! Thanks for the idea.

  7. Hi Pamela,
    Enjoyed this post and the variations on the fall tiles. Love the welcome sign as well. I have a metal sign that I would love to paint. Any recommendations on what paints to use for metal?
    Thank you.

  8. So adorable!! I love it and really, all you do!!

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