Flowers on our Stairs

rose painting on stairs

Lately, I have been trying to work on my house.
Just little things.
1.Curtains for the sliding glass doors (fabric is on order)
Painting a larger dining table
3. Trying to figure out how to best hang some vintage plates
4. Shopping for a rug (for under the dining room table) that will compliment my living room Royal Palace wool rug, that I love.
All with little time to spare and an oh so tight budget, so I take it little bits at a time.
One thing that needed a bit of sprucing that I could piece meal working on is our stairs.


Pretty sad looking and quite boring.
I had spotted on Pinterest a stairwell spruced up with floral wall paper and loved it.
And that inspired me to start painting.
When I began the base coat my husband liked the white on it and suggested I paint flowers…
little did he know I was way ahead of him.
Great minds think alike.
Impatient as I am I only base painted some of the stairs, before starting to paint on flowers.
I start with leaves and basing in the darker flowers with a bit of grey to give them depth.

Stair painting1
Sorry for the dark photo, this stairwell does not get good light.  So I do resort to a flash.
I also painted in some rose buds.
I painted in the darker roses, as they sit to the back of the painting.

Stair painting 2
Next is the lighter roses that overlap the darker here and there.

Stair painting 3
Though it is hard to tell because of the flash I added some shadowing to add more depth around parts of the leaves and roses.

painted stairs 6
Once it was dry I painted a protective coat of Varathane Spar Urethane in Satin.
This is a water based clear finish that does not yellow like Polycrylic or Polyurethane.
Now on to the next step.
I think I will do pansies on the next step.
Right now I am going to paint every other step to be sure it won’t be too busy.
So far I am loving it.
I can’t wait to work on the next but today is a work on the mountain day.
It is snowing out, good for the drought but bad for my having the drive in it.
My half hour commute will be an hour or more depending on if anyone drives silly and has an accident ahead of me.
Adios for now and have a great day!

More stairs painted….
Painting my Stairs 2
Painting my Stairs, Geraniums

If you wish to view a tutorial on painting roses click here…Rose Tutorial

And a brief video showing me painting a rose similar to this…. Rose video


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  1. Maybe the weTher took pity on u s.Idaho is in droubt conditions too and we have s.ow in tbe forcecast for the next 4 or 5days. Supposed to have 5 or 6″ byallsaid and done. We have about 10″ on the ground. I must have the winter blah’s bad because one my zonal geraniams has one small flower open and another bud. I was so excited I smelled it but it has no scent.Sigh!!

  2. Linda Southworth says:

    This is going to be so beautiful on your stairs with every other one painted. I can only imagine how your neck and back feel after this endeavor. Oh, when you get to the bottom that will be a challenge lying on the floor painting! You do such beautiful florals! Hey, keep those meds out and don’t forget to stretch every little bit.

  3. Wonderful idea! What a lovely flowers! Your stairs kooks fantastic 🙂

  4. Of course looks!

  5. Rain today but all is welcome. One of my ivy geraniums I brought in to overwinter is blooming, it does make for a bright spot on a grey winters day!

  6. Since I have not had time to paint on them but a little here and there it has not caused any discomfort, but if I was to do it for long periods of time I know it would. I had not thought of that bottom step. That should be interesting!

  7. It should sure dress them up. I hope. 🙂

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love your paintings! So inspiring!

  9. Thank you, I do love to paint and I am always trying to learn different techniques.

  10. I want to see the stairs when you get them finished. What a great idea.

  11. Wow gorgeous….you are very gifted…love the roses HPS Michelle

  12. I will share the entire staircase once it is done. Plus each step as I finish it. Step two is done and I will share very soon.

  13. Roses are one of my favorites to paint. Thank you.

  14. Hello Pamela, I am also a self taught painter and roses were my first project. I have learned many styles of roses. I too use FoldArt and other acrylic paints but I find I need to use water. Do you use water to thin out paint to make the brush move move evenly?

  15. No, I typically use FolkArt Floating Medium. It helps to glide the brush with little distortion of the paint. Also it helps if you live in an arid climate to use a wet palette for acrylics. They tend to dry out in warm arid areas. Masterson makes a variety of sizes and they do work well. Add hydrogen peroxide to the water though so it fights the mold that wants to grow in it.

  16. Wow! these are a really great design Pamela. I love how you paint those roses over your stairs. Seeing such wonderful design over such stair is an eye turning one.

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