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DIY Hand Painted Fall Sign

Hand Painted Fall Sign for your seasonal decor.  Create this DIY sign easily.  A free downloadable pattern is available to print.

This DIY hand painted Fall sign with leaves and acorns should suit the majority of folks that are anxious for Fall to arrive in their areas, if it hasn’t already.

DIY Fall sign on front porch, Paint a DIY Fall Sign


I am trying to get into Fall and the weather here is forcing the issue.  I had to build a fire in our wood stove yesterday to take the chill off the house after the night time temps dropped to 42 degrees.  Once my house gets cold it just will not warm up.  It didn’t help that it barely made it into the low 70’s for the day.

For this sign I used a live edge board that I got from a friend who has a lumber mill.  I love the rustic touch it adds but you can easily use a 1″ x 10″ of lumber or pallet wood you have attached together to get the width.  Visit this post to see how I attach narrower boards together to make a wide surface to paint.

Stain the wood to let the grain show, you can use whatever stain you have on hand.  I love this waterbased stain, it comes in several colors.  I buy mine at a local Ace Hardware so check around where you live if you don’t want to order online.

Now that we have everything ready to go start with staining and letting your wood surface dry.  I have included the A in the pattern download even though I did not use it on my  hand painted Fall sign.

Trace Pattern

Trace on pattern using white graphite, if you surface is rough you may need to press slightly firmer than with a regular smooth board.   I included the A in the layout so I could get spacing as accurate as possible but then put the leaves and acorns in place of the A.  (leaf tutorial is coming up in a later post, soon)
This would look great with a pumpkin in place of the A, here is a link for a Tutorial, Paint an Orange Pumpkin.

Paint in Letters

I painted in the letters using the 3/4″ brush for the wider areas and a #10 for the narrower.  I start with Goldenrod.  (if you cannot find golden rod I would mix Med yellow with yellow ochre, it comes close)
I did a couple coats for opacity.


Next I double loaded my 3/4″ brush with the Golden rod and Pueblo and painted again with the Pueblo along the left outer edge.
It took me a few rounds of working it to get it like I wanted.  I toned down the Pueblo with some Raw Sienna mixed in.   I used the #10 flat brush and Burnt Umber to paint the  shadowing along the right side.  This type of offset shadowing helps you to get a 3D effect, some depth.

Add Texture

I did this with all the letters.  Next I added some fly specking.  I am showing a close up on the leaf as I failed to get a photo of the letters close up with the fly specking.

Here is a brief video clip of how I fly speck.


You will find the pattern for the lettering is available on our Subscribers Only page that is password protected. If you are not a subscriber yet just sign up below and get access to all the downloads, patterns and free stuff.

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Click the link below to get instructions for painting oak leaves.

Click here to see how to paint Oak Leaves


1″ x 10″ pine board (or lumber of choice)
water base stain or stain of choice
Plaid Folk Art paint: (you can use colors you already have that are close to these or choose your own preference of colors)
Burnt Umber
Raw Sienna
Medium Yellow
One stroke set
Brush caddy
White graphite paper

Rustoleum varathane (I have found this at both Lowes and Home Depot)

Happy Painting!

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Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Thanks for all your sign painting tips! I've just started working on some signs & your tips are very helpful especially the one on printing out the letters with outline only. I had been worried about using up all our printer ink! Thanks bunches!


Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Super cute, and I love the rough bark edge to the board! I put together some pickets yesterday to make a kitchen sign but still haven't added the letters, I'm having a hard time finding the graphite paper around here.


Tuesday 6th of September 2016

I found mine at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Not sure if JoAnn's has it but they might. Since I don't get out much and the nearest Michaels and Hobby Lobby are over an hour and a half away I just order mine via Amazon. Me and Amazon are best buds now. :D It sure comes in handy when you live in a more remote area like here in the mountains.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.