Don’t Wait for People to Be Kind

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Don't wait for people,

Good Morning to you!

Another beautiful day for us to enjoy.  Though a bit rainy our weekend has been wonderful.

What is the definition of kind?

KIND : having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others : wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others

I found it interesting in the various dictionaries I looked up the word gentle was usually included as part of the definition.

Yet true kindness comes from a strong identity or character,  someone who is secure in themselves enough to allow room for others, even setting aside selves to do so.

Kindness is not an outcome of extreme weakness. Some perform good deeds simply to ease their conscious and remove a sense of guilt. Others will do favors to seek approval. These are the people whose identity is completely based on what others think of them. They will always engage in activity that will gain admiration and approval from others. Kindness borne out of weakness is often misguided and results in unhappiness or resentment.

True kindness comes from a firm set of values, a strong character and be clearly guided but isn’t meant for personal glory.

Something I need to think upon.

Have a wonderful Day!


 For a high resolution download of this, just in case you would like to print it in future, here is the link KINDNESS


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