DIY Tutorial on A Vintage Yellow Rose Saloon Sign

DIY Vintage Saloon sign

Yellow Rose of Texas Saloon sign

DIY Yellow Rose vintage saloon sign

I have had a lot of customers from Texas so this sign is for them.

I have painted a slew of signs in the past 15 years but I must say the larger signs are my favorite to paint but the worst to ship! This DIY Vintage Saloon sign is one of my all time favorites.  I don’t know if it is the font or what but I just love it. It is so easy to paint anyone can do it and I will show you how here.

Supply list:
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For a list of basic supplies I use daily for painting CLICK HERE

Old board or cedar fence boards (you could use new pine if you like, it is all good)
Wicker White for background, watered down to make it less opaque. Many times I use a regular satin finish white house paint.
Craft paints in desired colors
Paint brushes suited to size of lettering
Graphite Paper
Water based varathane

1.  find an old board or boards in the size you wish your sign to be or…cut some from cedar fence boards, their rough surface is perfect for rustic signs.
And you don’t have to go through the process (aka: hours of back breaking work) to take apart a pallet.

2. I cleated two narrower boards together. (I show you how I do it in this post CLICK HERE)
Because this was old wood it naturally had the darkened color but if you need to make this color do a thinned down coat of Burnt Umber craft paint.

DIY Vintage sign tutorial
3. I brushed on a watered down base coat of off white paint over the dark brown.
The off white paint was watered down by the wetness of my brush.
I would dip it in water before dipping it in the paint.
Just a touch of water…

DIY Vintage Saloon sign tutorial
The paint is a little too opaque at the bottom left so I took a damp rag and wipe it off a bit.
I like the wood grain showing through and the darker background color.

DIY Vintage Saloon Sign Tutorial
4. Transfer the lettering.
I print it out on the computer and tape it to the now dry painted board.
This font is called Sancreek.
When I am in a hurry I use the fan to fast dry the paint, it works very well.
For smaller areas I use a blow dryer.

DIY Vintage Saloon Sign tutorial
I use graphite transfer paper,.
There are other methods but transfer paper is the only way to fly,
it will come off easily with the magic rub eraser if you make a mistake.
(not on chalk paint though)
A regular pink pencil eraser will not work.

5. Paint lettering.
I chose golden color of acrylic craft paint for the lettering and a 3/4 flat brush.

DIY Vintage Saloon sign tutorial
6. Add shadowing.
I used a grey color and
  a #8 flat brush.

DIY Vintage Saloon Sign Tutorial
Again I do not worry about getting the paint opaque, I am going to do a porcelain crackle over the top so the rather streakiness will add to the vintage appeal.
7. Outline in black with a 10/01 liner, it is small and fine.

And that is the basics.
So now most of the lettering is done.
Next I will add the smaller words ‘Yellow Rose’ on top in the same way.
If you wish to learn how to paint the roses, please, CLICK HERE to visit that post.

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Happy Painting!


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  1. What a wonderful tutorial! It made me think of The Yellow Rose of Texas!

    Happy day!

    1. Yes, that one was for all my Texas customers I have had. I am so glad you liked it, I love to share my flowers, painted or grown. 🙂
      Happy Day to you Too!

  2. Love this sign and the great tutorial to go along with it. Thanks for sharing it at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  3. What a fabulous and pretty sign!! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s so lovely! Have a wonderful week!! xo Holly

  4. Great tutorial. I like the white board finish all distressed and then the awesome font in a double color. Great idea! Thanks for showing us how to do it and especially for sharing at Project Challenge!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Can you please email me the font ? I can’t find it on the internet. Thank you!

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