Be an Encourager Inspiration

Be an Encourager Inspiration

Good Morning Friends!
Be An Encourager
Here is your positive thought for the day.  In a world full of negativity be a ray of sun.

It is easy to find the faults and it takes real effort to look past them but your day will be much more enjoyable if you do.

Isn’t everyone’s life  much more pleasant with winsome words, showing of respect and politeness?  Solomon may have lived well over a thousand years ago but his words are timeless.

“Thoughtless speech is like the stabs of a sword,
But the tongue of the wise is a healing.”  Proverbs 12:18

So go and make someones day a little bit better with your words and deeds and you will be rewarded too.

water color petunias in bucket




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  1. I love to visit your site, I’m on here almost every day. Love the snow story to bad you didn’t take pictures. You can see some of my work on Facebook at Daisy Decorative Painting and More.

  2. Hi Pamela, I’ve been up since 4:00 am writing. I needed a break, so thought I’d better check my e-mail. I saw you had sent something, so I picked that first.
    This Post made my day, the words of Solomon touched my heart. I wish everyone would start their day with the words of Solomon, and really take them to heart. What a Better World this would be.

    I am going to to put these words on my desk, and read them, and practice them. Thank You for starting my day off on a happy note.


  3. Thank you for this. So simple, but so true. I will try to be more mindful of my words today. πŸ™‚

  4. What wonderful words to start the day and week. Thank You

  5. Diane Asberry says:

    Love those comments, I feel the same way. Life is beautiful, just open your eyes.

  6. Gayle Gohdes says:

    Each person secretly hopes for a kind word, the inspiration of a sweet spirit and feeling of beauty and happy enthusiasm of others rather than more spewing forth of the bitterness and rancor we all experience in the political world today. I for one have had enough to last a lifetime. Unfortunately I have fallen victim to sharing the negative, hateful propaganda; but I’m rather sick and tired of all the bad things others do filling MY MIND, HEART & SOUL with THEIR GARBAGE. Wait a minute! That’s not ME! I am not a bad person and never was! I guess I’ve woken up to the fact that I have been hijacked. From now on I want to share beautiful, hopeful, uplifting, positive thoughts and words, be respectful and polite. (how unusual!) Be an encourager, do good for others. Does that make me a Pollyanna or an ostrich with my head in the sand? Maybe but not really because I still know what’s going on, I just choose not to focus on, magnify and waste my time & energy there. We need peace, oh how desperately we need peace, love and goodness instead of chaos, violence and unrest. I choose peace! Thank you! I love your encouragement and inspiration!

  7. Gayle Gohdes says:

    Yes, Donna you are so right! Just think how much better this world would be if we all filled our lives with good and refused to let in the negative. I’m going to try! I know that what we fill our minds with and the words we speak have so much power, either for good or for bad. I hope I choose good.

  8. I love the art with the garden rake. Something to strive for. Thanks for sharing this painting.

  9. What you say is so, so, true. One way I try to do and say positive, gracious words is to remember that whatever situation I am in that seems depressing or problematic it WILL change. The old saying, “This, too, will pass” puts things in perspective for me. I only need deal with the present–only need to do what I know to do in the present moment, then I wait for more information to know what to do in the next moment, hour, day or week. No need for angry, accusatory words, just breathe, try to relax your mind and body and move on to the next moment.

    Pam, I love your little watercolor with the purple petunias and the rake and vine. Such a simple, sweet image. I wish I had it hanging in my bedroom! Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Wow, 4 in the morning. I am so glad my little ol post was encouraging. I know sometimes little tidbits like this can be a real lift when negativity gets out of control.

  11. I know I sometimes need the reminders to be a positive note in a negative world. I am glad they helped you too.

  12. It does help to start the week on a positive note. πŸ™‚ I love Mondays, fresh start of a new week!

  13. Even in difficult circumstances we can find the beauty in life. And if we can’t find it then we need to make it! Thus I garden and paint. πŸ™‚

  14. We all can get sucked in and not realize it. I agree, we can be aware of what is going on around us without participating so you are not as ostrich with your head in the sand. Being a force for good is truly fighting against the negative in the most positive, peaceful way ever.

  15. Thank you, I love to share beauty. You can’t beat nature as a subject and the humblest of objects can be decorative.

  16. I should make that image available as a print. I have gotten so many compliments on it. πŸ™‚

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