A Garden Tour Mid June

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Such a catchy title…my brain is not up to something clever.
But it is no matter since you are here to view the flowers.
This lovely lady is Princess Alexandra of Kent.
A gorgeous David Austin Rose, one of my newer additions.
For now, so I can enjoy her close up, she resides in a large pot on my back deck.
A david austin rose Princell Alexandra of Kent
While the yellows and orange flowers are beginning to bloom, I still have plenty of purple and pink going on.
These Canterbury Bells were transplant over by my Studio
They should be upright but when we had a late snow it knocked them over and I did not have a chance to stake them.
Purple Cantebury Bells
I also have them in pink.
Pink Canterbury Bells
These were volunteers, they came up from seeds scattered a previous Fall by their parents.
I dug them up and transplanted them here and they seem to like it.
The poppies are blooming away as well.
Pink poppy
I just love the papery delicacy of the blossoms.
Some are even fluffy like pom poms.
Fluffy PInk Poppy closer view
I have them in red as well.
I have not had a red fluffy one bloom this year but I have in the past so one may yet pop open for me.
These also reseed themselves and spread. 
They are not as thick this year but I put that down to our drought winter.
I need to prop up my Abraham Darby David Austin rose, its blooms are so heavy they bow over to the earth.
Abraham Darby David Austin Rose
My foxgloves it pitifully this year, again I put it down to the drought, but what has bloomed is still pretty if not as lush as last year.
White Foxglove
This is the view of my upper garden, in the front of my house as you drive up.
The coreopsis and gaillardias are making it look sunny and golden.
The roses on the arbor are fading and I need to give them a good pruning for another batch of blooms to start.
Side garden
This white mini ground cover rose is doing a great job here.
I just planted this cutting I had started here last summer and look how it has filled out.
Now all I have to do is stake down the long trailing canes and they will root.
I will take out the iris here and let the rose fill in, this is my upper parking area directly in front of my home.
This fabulous little rose will bloom like this all summer long, without stopping.
Love it!
White Heirloom ground cover rose
I have it on a block wall near my front porch as well. 
It too needs to be trained along it rather than going just wherever it wishes. 
It is trying to take over my strawberry bed.
Ground cover rose
This is the first year my Eden rose has performed so much.
It is now 3 years old and I just love how the blooms last and last.
Eden Rose
I did say the Black Eyed Susies were starting.
These too will bloom all Summer and well into Fall.
I have many ranges of oranges, yellows with darker centers and just bright yellow.
Black Eyed Susie
The Asiatic Lillies are blooming away too.
They also (much to my surprise)propagate themselves from seeds as well.
I started out with 3 puny rhizomes I salvaged of an end of season sale table at some garden center.
Now they fill my front garden with oranges and a reddish orange color.
Red orange Asiatic Lily
Upper area
A few iris are still blooming.
It is time for me to dig them up and separate them.
I have plenty to share this season.
oriental lilies and iris
The Gaillardias are always good for the summer as well, a bright blanket that reseeds themselves readily and fills in, but they are not hard to transplant or just yank out if in an area I don’t want.
These are all volunteers and will need to be moved.
But until I can get to that I will just enjoy the show!
These are my Petal Pusher roses.
They are like the white ground cover rose, they will bloom their hearts out all summer and drape down the garden wall.
I love the vibrant pink.
Petal Pusher roses
At the foot of the arbor I have Dianthus, one side is white
White Dianthus
and the other is pink.
They come back every year and are spread a little bit further.
Soon I will need to dig them up and divide them.
Not this year though.
This is a tough area, lots of rock and not much good soil so they are troopers for sure.

Pink DIanthus
No big bowl of strawberries to show you.
The mama robin that nests in my neighbors tree has found it and brought all her babies with her (they are now old enough to forage with her) so I know longer get any berries from my patch.
They greedily eat them all before I can get out there!
I will have to devise a net or cage to go over my berry bed so I can get some too.
I was getting 6 cups a day or more.

On that happy note I will bid you adieu!

Happy Gardening.


Fertilizer Friday, Wow Us Wed,

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  1. Thanks so much, I stopped over at your blog, very nice. Just have not had a spare minute to wander around much.

  2. Sometimes you never can tell with plants. I bought one hue of orange Asiatic Lilies and now I have a range of colors that came up from seeds of those orange ones. So genetically some plants can have the capability of producing other colors when returning.

  3. Beautiful garden! Can dianthus come back in different colors? I planted a bunch of pink dianthus last year and this year some of it came back red.

  4. I find the older regular Gaillardia do better than the newer hybrids. I have tried the Burgundy gaillardia and it just does not stick around. I do have a Mesa Gaillardia (pure sunny yellow) that has come back this year and I plan on nurturing it the best I can.

  5. Hello Pamela, your gaillardia has been growing in our hot garden for 3 yrs now, but it is not acclimatized much growing as nicely as yours. But the flowers are wonderful photo subjects for me. Those Canterbury Bells are what i love best in your garden now. But i think you lack something, how about including some hoyas in your collection, haha! Because i find difficulties in most plants, i changed my collection, i’ve had them already for 3 years, and i am happier.

  6. Your garden is full of beauty. Love the soft pinks but also the firey reds of the gaillardias. Gorgeous!

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